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Even pirates like to blog about their exploits and favorite things! Check back often to read about our favorite places to eat, drink, and hang out. Or the best things to do here in the French Quarter. Also read about the Captain and the Quartermaster’s latest adventures!

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Best Dive Bars in the French Quarter

Best Dive Bars in the French Quarter Best Dive Bars in the French Quarter? Cheap drinks in a cool yet somewhat questionable setting is what the Pirates of the Quarter like best. Once you’ve had your fill of hurricanes, hand grenades and 3-for-1 fun be sure to visit one or more of these places. Best…

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Best places to eat in the French Quarter?

“Best places to eat in the French Quarter?” That’s the question we get all the time after our Pirates of the Quarter Tour. As Pirates, we don’t really go to any of those “fancy eatin’ stores”. Plus, we’d rather spend our money on rum! So, if you’re looking for cheap, good eats then check our…

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